Monday, March 24, 2008

Wisdom of a Child

Each of my kids that could talk said something absolutely hilarious today. I just have to share.

Megan (2 years old)
Today I was getting Megan dressed and the subject of 'bums' came up. Without any hesitation she said, "Mommy you have a GIANT Bum". AAAHH! Then she proceeded to tell me that Daddy has a giant bum too. That's better. Either she has judged me equal to Bobby (teeny bum), or she has no concept of real size. Probably the latter although I wish it were the first.

Dallin (4 years old)
Before I go any further I have to start by saying that I don't talk bad about Bobby to the kids. I love him dearly. He is a wonderful father and husband. That said, Dallin was sitting with us all as a family. I don't recall the subject at hand but he decided it needed to be said. "Mom," he said. "You're always right." Of coarse, I had to agree with him. Then with all seriousness continued, "and Dad is always wrong."*

Evan (5 years old)
Dallin and Megan got new bikes today. Megan's was pre-assembled but Dallin's just came in a box. It was such a nice day though, Dallin just couldn't wait until Daddy came home to put it together. So, I channeled my inner tomboy and pulled my sleeves up and did it myself. After spending a good part of the day assembling and tuning up all of the kids bikes, I jokingly said, "I bet you never knew your mom was so handy". To which Evan replied, "Yeah. I guess you don't need Dad anymore."

The simplicity of it all. . . It makes so much sense to them. I love it.

*For the record: Dallin later retracted his comment by saying that, "Mommy is always right and Daddy is always right too."

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