Monday, August 25, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jack Johnson and the First Day of School

On Monday, Bobby and I went to a Jack Johnson concert. We had fun being out on a date.

I snapped a picture while he was driving. Isn't he cute?

This is us at the concert. We got there really early so we could get good seats. The gates opened at 5:00 and the concert started at 7:00. Although, Jack Johnson didn't actually come on until about 9:00. So, really we waited for 4 hours to hear Jack Johnson.

I couldn't get a good picture. My camera doesn't function the way it should at concerts (probably operator error). But that's Jack Johnson.

It was fun for the first few songs and then people started pulling out their joints and lighting up. It wasn't fun after that. There was a group right behind us and I really worried that we'd end up high. So, instead of trying to hold our breath for the rest of the concert, we decided we'd be better off to just leave. I just can't believe that illegal substances are let into a public venue. And it wasn't just a couple people her and there. It was all over. I think USANA has a big problem and something needs to be done about it.

Ok. Off my pedestal and on to something exciting!

Evan started school today! First grade. He was happy to be back in school and excited to meet his new teacher and classmates.

This was the only picture I got. We were running out the door because I had to get all of the kids ready to go to take him to school. The only day that Bobby had to go to work early just happened to be today. So, it was a rush getting everyone up and ready to go. Then the traffic was so bad by the school because of construction. So, we parked a couple blocks away and walked. He was barely on time but there were others that ended up late for the same reason. We'll plan better for tomorrow and Bobby won't have to go to work early.

Beautiful Bloomington

This all happened almost a week ago. I'm a little slow. I have some catching up to do. There was a Findlay Family Reunion (for Bobby's mom's side of the family). So, we packed up and headed up the canyon to Bloomington, Idaho. We spent a few hours there.

The kids had fun playing with a bubble blowing toy Grandma and Grandpa brought up for them.

We had lunch and hung out with family. It was a lot of fun.

David's favorite thing to play with was Sprite. He soaked himself with every can he could get his hands on.

When the reunion wrapped up we headed further up the canyon to Bloomington Lake. As we loaded in the van I saw all of the kids faces and had to take pictures. They all had some Cake Bites that I had brought up to the reunion. So, they had chocolate all over their faces. So, this is cleanest to messiest.

Evan managed to be the cleanest. That's expected since he's the oldest.

Megan came in second place. This is also another given. She's younger than Dallin but. . .

we're talking about Dallin here. He's actually surprisingly clean.

And lastly is David. He really enjoyed his chocolate.

It was about a mile hike to the lake and then we played and hiked around the lake. The kids had a blast.

On the hike in, David had to get down on the ground and play in the trail. He saw a big sandbox and couldn't help himself.

When we got to the top of the trail, we took a little family picture. The scenery up there at Bloomington Lake is so beautiful.

The water was pretty cold. The kids didn't venture out very far. Dallin didn't get in at all. He sat on the bank and threw twigs and rocks and leaves into the water playing sink or float.

David spent the most time in the water. He loved it. Even cold.

The kids splashed around a bit and then we climbed around the rocks and cliffs for a little while. We went as far as I was comfortable taking the kids. Then we stopped for a few pictures and went back.

These are the rocks we had to climb over to get to the cliffs. Dallin "helped" me across them since he was too tough to let me help him.

Back at the start, Bobby took a few flips off of the rope swing. If you follow the picture of Bobby up the cliff about halfway, that's where we climbed to.

And while he did that, the kids played in the dirt some more. I'd say David won hands down with the messy this time with Dallin a close second. (No David is not wearing pants. That's all dirt.)

Along the trail we saw some creatures.

The local wildlife. . .

Overall it was a really fun day. The kids loved the hike and the water and they especially liked playing on the rocks.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Evan is getting really excited for school. I told him today that there are 5 days left and he's super excited!

First grade here we come! All day school. I really can't wait for that. Not that I want him gone. . . but if he's got to be gone, give him a few more hours to learn something. Not to mention give me a few more hours to get something done. It'll be good for him to be back in school.

I am sad to see the summer coming to an end though. We've kept ourselves too busy. We still haven't gone camping. We'll go in a couple weeks but I want summer to last longer. Swimming has been fun. I don't want to give that up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is This Really Happening??

It really is happening. I am going to Tulsa, Oklahoma on the 25th through the 30th of September for the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show!! Anyone that follows cake decorating competitions knows that this is huge! This is the competition of all competitions and I'm going to enter a cake in it.

Wow!! I'm so excited! I have my cake designed and all planned out. I'm starting on it in the next few days. I love the idea of my cake and I think it has the technical skills that I need to get the wow factor. I just want to impress the judges and that's going to be really hard to do since one of them is Kerry Vincent.

Oh my goodness! I can't believe this is happening! Can you tell I'm excited?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cake Contest

Yesterday was Evan's and my birthday and we had a wonderful one. Bobby gave me tickets for us to go see Jack Johnson next week! I'm so excited. We're big fans in this house. It'll be fun for Bobby and I to go on an actual date. Those are few and far between when you have four kids.

Evan got some fun presents and had Curtis and Tricia's kids over for cake and ice cream. Although the cake was store bought. :-0 I know! Me buying a store bought cake? It's almost unheard of. I did have a good excuse though. The first reason is that we are having a big family party for him in a couple weeks and I'll make a cake then. The other reason is that I made a cake for a competition in Salt Lake and I didn't have the time to make one for Evan.

So, this cake I made for the competition won a High Blue ribbon and Best In Show! I was so excited! This was my first time entering a cake competition but I don't think it will be my last. I want to find bigger and better competitions to enter. I did it mostly for the status though. Being able to say I'm an award winning cake decorator is a big thing. I just need to get the business on it's feet and this is a really good start. It was a really great birthday present too. :)