Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jack Johnson and the First Day of School

On Monday, Bobby and I went to a Jack Johnson concert. We had fun being out on a date.

I snapped a picture while he was driving. Isn't he cute?

This is us at the concert. We got there really early so we could get good seats. The gates opened at 5:00 and the concert started at 7:00. Although, Jack Johnson didn't actually come on until about 9:00. So, really we waited for 4 hours to hear Jack Johnson.

I couldn't get a good picture. My camera doesn't function the way it should at concerts (probably operator error). But that's Jack Johnson.

It was fun for the first few songs and then people started pulling out their joints and lighting up. It wasn't fun after that. There was a group right behind us and I really worried that we'd end up high. So, instead of trying to hold our breath for the rest of the concert, we decided we'd be better off to just leave. I just can't believe that illegal substances are let into a public venue. And it wasn't just a couple people her and there. It was all over. I think USANA has a big problem and something needs to be done about it.

Ok. Off my pedestal and on to something exciting!

Evan started school today! First grade. He was happy to be back in school and excited to meet his new teacher and classmates.

This was the only picture I got. We were running out the door because I had to get all of the kids ready to go to take him to school. The only day that Bobby had to go to work early just happened to be today. So, it was a rush getting everyone up and ready to go. Then the traffic was so bad by the school because of construction. So, we parked a couple blocks away and walked. He was barely on time but there were others that ended up late for the same reason. We'll plan better for tomorrow and Bobby won't have to go to work early.

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Babe in Boysland said...

Amelia- I'd not certain you'll remember me, but my name is Michelle and I helped Sadie shoot your wedding photos, and I went to school with Bobby. Your family looks great! I can't believe you had to put up with pot heads at the concert. LAME.

Bobby- It was good to see your face on here. I agree with Amelia- still handsome as ever. You've got a beautiful family, it looks like all is well with the Carbines!