Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bad Day Good Day

First, lets start with yesterday. Tricia had taken all of my kids and her two boys to the park for her son's soccer practice. I had a cake decorating class to teach. Well, Tricia left the younger kids at the playground for a few minutes to talk to the coach and when she came back, Dallin and Shane were missing.

She looked around and saw them over on the north side of the park. She called to them and Shane came running, but Dallin was walking rather slowly. As he got closer, she saw that his pants were wet. She thought he had peed in his pants. Then he got even closer and she saw that he was wet clear up to his chest. He had fallen in the stream that flows through the park.

How scary is that? Luckily, the water level is still low at this time of the year and Dallin was able to climb out. He told Tricia that he used his "claws" to climb out. Poor Tricia was in tears telling me about what had happened. I guess it's a really good reminder of how young our little ones still are and how vulnerable they are.

On the flipside. . . today has been a fun day. Dallin's preschool group went to the Fire Station. It was right after Evan got home from school I took all of the kids. It was a lot of fun. They got to sit in the firetruck and climb into the ambulance. They saw a big tank truck and got to see water spray from it. Dallin didn't like all of the loud noises. He stayed really close to me and wanted to go home. But at the end he had warmed up and was ok with things.

The preschool kids were all a little nervous at first to see the fireman in his mask. He looked a little scary, I guess. He was really nice though. He even fixed Dallin's glasses when the lens popped out. (Dallin is rough on his glasses.)

Then we came home and the kids rode bikes in the driveway. It's a little chili still but we bundled up. So, all in all. . . a really fun day.

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