Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bike Adventure

We had a fun little adventure today. We rode our bikes to pick up Evan from school. Dallin did really well for his first time taking a real ride on his bike. I took him out for a test ride yesterday to make sure he could handle it. We got over half-way there. So I was confident that he could make it. About a block from home he started complaining about it being too long. I just pointed to the house and he was just fine.

Evan on the other hand didn't do so grand. A couple of his little buddies rode with us and every time they got a little farther ahead than Evan was comfortable with, he would yell and cry and complain. By the time we got home I told him to go take a nap which he doesn't usually do. He needed it though. I guess everyone has their bad days.

Megan and David just rode behind me in the bike trailer. Megan relaxed and David slept. All around it was a fun ride. I'm excited to do it again. It isn't much of a workout for me since the little ones don't ride very fast but it's a breath of fresh air and good exercise for the kids.

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