Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

This is the first year that our kids have really started to understand April Fool's Day. Evan and Dallin were playing little pranks with the Hancock kids all day today. I didn't have anything fun planned for the day. I had done some fun things in previous years but the kids were just too young to understand it all. So, when I saw their excitement about the day, I decided to try to make it a little more fun.

I threw together a meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting for dinner and a hamburger desert made out of white cake, chocolate cookie, and frosting. It was fun to do. Evan really thought we were having cake for dinner. He made sure I knew that it's not healthy to eat cake for a meal but that wasn't going to stop him from enjoying it. He was sadly disappointed.

Dallin got it right away. He loves to be in the kitchen with me so he watched me make it all. He thought it was pretty fun. Megan and David were just happy to have food.

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