Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catching up

Wow. It has been a while since I posted. I am still here. I haven't had a computer for a while. But thanks to Willie and Britta and their wonderful Christmas present, we have a computer that works wonderfully and I can get back to life online.

I don't have any pictures to post. Although I should since it has been so long. My camera has stayed in the closet for the last few months. I have been very busy with cakes up until the beginning of December. I was lucky to have a break for a few weeks because I have had morning sickness pretty bad. Yes for those of you that don't know already I am pregnant. . . again. I'm not complaining I am happy to have another baby. I just really don't like being sick. Hopefully it will be over soon. I have some cakes coming up in the next couple of weeks and I need to be better.

My last cake that I did was a competition cake for The Grand Utah Wedding Cake Competition. I started getting the morning sickness halfway through that cake and I wasn't able to spend the time and effort on it that I would have liked. It turned out nice though and I entered the cake. I didn't win. I got an honorable mention though. It was a little disappointing after getting third place on a national level but you win some and you lose some. After that cake I have spent most of my time just trying not to get sick.

So, as for the pregnancy, I am about 10 weeks along now. Hoping that the end of the trimester is the end of the yuck. I have my first doctors appointment scheduled on New Year's Eve and my due date is July 17th. I'm hoping for a girl but I'll be happy with a boy too. Megan would be really happy to have a little sister. Even the boys think it should be a girl since Megan is so outnumbered. Besides, we have a name decided for a girl but not for a boy.

The kids are doing great. Evan has been so excited to know that there's a baby in mommy's tummy. He makes sure that he tells everybody. He's always asking when the baby is going to get here. He also can't stop talking about how BIG our family will be. Five kids! He asked me yesterday if we could have 18. I told him that that is physically impossible as far as I'm concerned.

Dalllin is the same as he's always been. Mischievous but loving. He's been sick for the past week. I think he's finally kicking it. It's about time. That little boy sure knows how to get sick. He's had croupe multiple times, pnemonia several times, RSV. . . you name it. He knows how to do sick.

Megan just moved into her own room. We decided that David is ready to move to a todler bed and Megan is ready to go downstairs. So, we made a cute little room downstairs next to the boys room. She loves her room and her bed. She's done really well downstairs too. I worried a little since she is only 3. But I think knowing that her brothers are there too makes her (and me) feel safe.

David is growing up too fast. I cut his hair yesterday and wanted to put it all back. He's got a little boy look and not a baby look. His favorite things to do are talk on the phone, eat, read books, and play with his brothers and sister. We haven't gotten him into the todler bed yet. We're waiting until I feel better so I can chase him down for that first week of him knowing he can get out of bed whenever he wants to.

Bobby is doing great. He's lined up to start classes at Utah State in a couple weeks. He's getting back to it, which I really am happy about. He's in St George right now. I guess some snow bunny wanted them to do some work in their winter home down there and he got picked to go. It's hard not having a husband around when you don't feel good. He'll be back tomorrow night though.

Wow, I could just about print that out and send it as a Christmas card letter. But I think I'm a little late for the cards. We missed last year too. Oh well, next year for sure. Right? If only it worked that way.

So, to all of you that read this, Merry Cristmas!! This is your "card".


mae said...

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you get feeling better in a few weeks and have a wonderful holiday!

Michelle said...

Amelia! Wow, congratulations! I seemed to have missed that little tidbit earlier about you being pregnant. I'm so sorry about the sickness; that makes for some real misery at times, eh? It was good reading the updates on your kidlets, too. I'll bet they're darling little cuties. :) Much love, and Merry Christmas. Get to feeling better soon, I hope! :) -chelle

Michelle said...

PS, I tagged you in a photo meme over on my blog. I hope time allows you to relax a while. I understand if you're too busy to do the meme, so no worries. :)